Thursday, December 22, 2022

Online Betting During Covid-19

Online betting, compulsive gambling is on the rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts say the effect can be devastating 


Several years ago, Rose Blozinski of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gaming received a phone call from a woman with a serious problem. "A stay-at-home mom was gambling online and said, 'I owe them $30,000,'" Blozinski said of the anonymous woman's phone call to the Council's helpline. “We gave him resources to contact for help with his addiction. But I never heard from him again, and I don't know how it happened. 


It happened more than two decades ago, but the fear of online gambling, which grew in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, is back and stronger.


Casinos were closed in March after the virus took hold in Wisconsin. But many have turned to online, no-obligation sites to play everything from slots to poker and blackjack.


 Blozinski said players who engage in online gambling are taking a huge risk. "If you're a gambler and you're addicted, you won't just stop when the casinos close. Addiction is hard," he said. Online gamblers often use credit cards to pay, but since the state does not allow the site to be legitimate, it is difficult for gamblers. finding wins and losses. 온라인카지노


"When you're online, you're entering uncharted territory," Blozinski said. "How do you know what is right or wrong?" How do you know if you won or not?" 


The country's gambling regulatory body has said there is a need to regulate online betting. "We have seen the expansion of online gambling during this pandemic, including sports betting, lottery games and social games, as well as various non-cash payment methods," the statement said in a statement.


“We expect this to worsen as many state governments face budget deficits in the next two years. The protection of gambling consumers, as well as their families, must be part of the rules, regulations and duties of the gaming industry." 


Family Addiction Specialists, which offers services in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, says on its website that "many of the causes of gambling addiction are during this period of abstinence and abstinence." house." 


"These triggers include loneliness, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. As many of us are now isolated in our homes, gambling has become a way to relax and laughing and dealing with loneliness and bad situations."  카지노사이트


In addition, working from home "removes some of the barriers and safety nets that some people rely on to manage their gambling." This includes having almost no supervision or support from supervisors and little risk of getting caught gambling, according to the website. "Being at home also means more screen time for a lot of people. As such, there is an increase in sports-related media that can be a source of fear." 


Blozinski, the president of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling, said that online gambling could have major consequences in Wisconsin, noting that the Council estimates that approximately 333,000 residents have a gambling problem. gambling. 바카라사이트

Friday, November 25, 2022

Anonymous' Story

I have been a serious gambler since about 2004. It was during the online gambling craze that I was in college. Chris Moneymaker and the Rounders movie really changed how many people liked gambling, and I was thrown into the fray. Example of this is Charles Barkley who lost  $30 million to gambling.




The best news at the time was that I was playing blackjack online at At this point, I probably haven't lost more than a few hundred dollars gambling online. It's not a big loss, but I'm an unemployed student, so all the money I lost was a big deal. Except for the fact that I shouldn't have played in the first place.




It was a weekend night, I can't remember the exact day, but I remember the TV show 24 was on that night and my roommate was a big fan and went to watch the show with friends. I was alone, with my laptop, my internet card that I use to get people on top of me, and $34 in my poker account.




Quickly, I have my account over $100. Then it's $500. Before I knew it, $1,000. I stayed when I should have clapped. Call when I should stay. The dealer kept having chips and I kept winning. It's exciting and fast-paced, every player knows that feeling when they win. After over an hour of playing the game, I had turned that small $34 into over $13,000.




Have I stopped playing? Of course not. The thought process of a gambler/addict is often more demanding. So, as soon as I got all the money, I immediately returned it. I stopped playing when I reached about $700 and paid $600, keeping the remaining $100 in my account. I couldn't sleep for days after that, knowing how much money I had and wiped it out. Even though I still won, the truth is that I know what I have so I can't enjoy the $600 no matter what. This suffering has led me to dangerous behavior, sadness, depression and lying that I thought I could do.




I have been gambling online before this, and I experienced the usual wins and losses, but I never won or lost an unbeatable amount. This time is different.




I continued to play online casino and poker after this. Lose and add more every time. Invest in this website and lose it all the time. After I continued to lose money, I ended up putting my money in the bank. The website will be up for about two days during the deposit, so I know the money won't affect my account for bad until then. I had no choice but to call my dad.




People say that parents won't be upset about something, but express disappointment. It really fits the bill.




My parents went to the bank in my town, and since I was about three hours away from university, they took money from my grandmother and put it in my account to save my back. I believe the number was around $1,000. It was in the spring of 2005. After that, I stopped playing. Until I start again. I started using and got into sports betting. Big mistake. My first winning bet was about a $35 bet on four football games. I took the running line at -1.5 for all four teams and made over $1000 on my $35 investment. I can't believe it, I must be a famous sports bettor.




I called my brother to log into my account to make sure I won, because it was too good to be true. He checked and confirmed that the money was there. Then he and a friend started playing with the money and lost some which I don't remember. It seems as if people treat the money in these accounts as play money. 

I took summer school classes while staying at my college and in my spare time sat in the computer lab playing online poker. All the time, gambling with money I really didn't have.

I played through summer school, doing well in terms of not having to deposit money into the account. I was playing at big stake tables on bodog’s poker side. I did this until I got home after summer school, and began playing there.

I lost all the money I had in bodog that summer, but kept playing anyway and losing more and more money.

I played casino games and bet sports all the next year of college, which was my final year. Always chasing that crazy run and night I had when I got up to $13,000. Of course, never coming within a sniff of repeating that.

After I graduated college and needed to fill my time since I didn't have a job, I kept gambling while living at home with my parents. Nobody probably knew of the debt, stress and overall impact this was having on my life.

Around this time, the US government began regulating hard on these off shore gambling sites. So I couldn't use a US credit card or bank account to put money in for gambling. No sweat though, they could still accept Western Union. So I would deposit increments of $20, while also paying a $10 fee. I did this countless times to feed my demons.

I didn't win, and stopped after I had no physical money to gamble with. All in all, from the college years to the year living with my parents (roughly 2004–2007), I had to have accounted for at least $20,000 in losses. I don't know the exact number.

Fast forward to 2013, I met my girlfriend and was able to move out of my parents house in the spring that year. I got a job in August and things felt positive for me.

Then, I started gambling again. This time, through a bookie that friends knew. It was an online account, but I would pay or be paid by a person who is connected to bookies.

The first weekend, I split an account with a few other guys and made around $1,700. Now, the way these accounts work is, if you're up over $200 on the account, the bookie will meet with you and pay out the account. On the reverse, if you're down $200 or more, the bookie meets you to collect.

Being the addict, gambler and in a psychotic mindset from all this, I decided it had to be in my best interest to have my own account. God forbid I get screwed out of my winnings if I won a lot one week while all others lost and I might not be paid out. Right?

Now would also be a good time to mention that a close family member to me was the bookie. He warned me to be careful, but what did he know, I was the guy winning all the money.

So he sets up an account for me, and I'm doing fine for about six weeks. By doing well I mean, I was never owing money, but not being paid either. Hovering around even. Until around Thanksgiving of 2013.

The wheels completely fell off my gambling empire. I should also note that my roommate loved to indulge in gambling as well. We would always be talking about our wins, losses and whatever other gambling advice we had.

So I got my account up one week around Thanksgiving, to about $4,500. I distinctly remember waking up a particular morning, I wasn't working because I lost that job, and treating myself to a nice breakfast at a local diner. I was doing it, I won enough money to stop and be finally be happy. All my gambling woes would be behind me.

I never saw of penny of that $4,500. I gave it right back in losses, and the spiral was more out of control than I could ever know.

From December to February, I lost probably every week. I ended up unable to use my line account since I maxed out the $5,000 limit. Then, I got the password to the shared account my roommate used and bet more on that. Chasing that dream, but it was full on nightmare.

I ended up losing around $25,000 I'd say. Now, I should have been done. But no, I tried sports again the next year. Losing another $1,000 or so. And now I can distinctly remember the last wager I placed. December 21, 2014.

I have a long way to go, and I am still struggling to pay off all the debt I still owe from those awful decisions and naive thought processes. I was gambling without a good paying job to cover myself, let alone a job at all.

Today, I'm still paying off what I owe, and reminded of my stupidity and decisions daily. I'm still together with my girlfriend, who I was upfront about with all this from the beginning. She was never a fan of what I was doing, but had no ability to stop me because I'm stubborn.

The actions I demonstrated all these years reflect my selfishness, deceit, laziness and non gratitude. I will struggle to pay off this debt for years to come.

Gambling creates a false reality for people, and is the strongest form of addiction I've ever personally dealt with. Gambling is evil. Just don't do it, if someone does gamble and makes money, don’t fully believe them. While some may manage their money well, that percentage of gamblers must be so low.

Also, if you ever talk with a gambler, they'll always talk about how much they've won here or there. But rarely, if ever, will they share their bad beats or tough losses. Often, it is those bad loss stories that can be remembered best to a gambler. The feeling of losing is such a terrible emotion, and winning doesn’t feel as great as you’d think it should.

Nobody wants to admit defeat, but I have been defeated by gambling more than once. It's an addiction, and some people don't view it the same as other addictions. The feeling of loss, far outweighs the feeling of winning. In short, don't gamble.

I would love to not be anonymous, but many loved ones are still in the dark about my actions. If this story can convince one person to save their hard earned money, I'll be happy with that. 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Gambling Story of Edward O. Thorp

If you ask any player who the most popular player is, you're bound to hear the revered name of Edward Thorp. Thorp is a genius not only in the world of money but also in casinos. He even became known as the pioneer of blackjack book when he introduced the world's most successful card counting system. Find out how he became the king of the casinos and how his tactics forced the casinos to kick him out of their doors. 


The origin of the myth 


From an early age, Thorp has always shown an aptitude for research and mathematics. He could mentally calculate the number of seconds in a year by the age of 7. As he grew up, Thorp pursued a doctorate in mathematics and became interested in the mathematics of sports. From then on, Thorp began spending countless hours playing all sorts of casino games in an attempt to detect details that would help him establish strategic thinking in the game. One particular game that Thorp became interested in is Blackjack. Make an awesome discovery  카지노사이트


With the help of his wife and a colleague, Thorp developed the counting-to-ten system. Through this method, Thorp teaches players to focus on the 10-point card. In any standard blackjack game there are 52 cards with 36 regular cards and 16 value cards. When using this method, keep both numbers in mind and start removing as soon as the card appears in front of you on the betting table. In this way, it will be easy for you to calculate how many valuable cards are left in the deck at any time during the game. 


Once the end of the game begins to approach, you will know how many high cards are left, which will tell you whether to raise or lower your bet to avoid losing. This strategy from Thorp can give you a higher chance of hitting the jackpot and getting the best payout for your bet. 


The pros and cons of popularity 


As soon as the scheme was revealed, Thorp and the Ten Account System became the talk of the casino, especially when he published the books "Beat the Dealer" and "A Man of All Markets" which became instant sellers. However, Thorp's popularity had its consequences. 


In his book A Man of All Markets, Thorp says he was once drugged in the casino because of his reputation for the dairy industry. Thorp said the casino gave him coffee with sugar and cream. Soon after that, his eyes began to tear and he could no longer count his cards. This happened twice and two of Thorp's members were kicked out of the casino.


When Thorp moved to another company and set the pass rate at $1,000 an hour, he was asked to leave the company again. The scariest experience, however, shared by Thorp, was leaving the casino and returning home to find that his accelerator pedal was locked to the floor and his brakes lost control of the car. 


Fortunately, Thorp and his team survived the ordeal and when they examined the car, they discovered that its throttle linkage had been altered in a way that clearly indicated it was intentional. 

Monday, September 12, 2022

Peter's Gambling Story


I had a gambling problem, it took me a lot of time, and a lot of money and stress, before I realized it. But it's true. I can look at you today and tell you that I am a compulsive gambler. My addiction started in my early twenties. My friends and I like to hang out at the bookstore at the same time to liven up a Saturday night. Most of the time, we put a stack and check the results that come to the bar. It was fun, noisy, especially on the rare occasion when one of us won. By their mid-twenties, most of my friends were living together and had children. 

They don't have much time to go to bars, or writers for that matter, but I don't mind cutting back. My weekend game is what happened to me during the week. It's the only thing I can think of to get me out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But it is not enough. Besides being a regular at the local betting shop, I have joined a nearby casino. I started playing the blackjack and roulette tables on Saturday nights. Often you try to overcome my losses in football, horses, dogs - everything I bet earlier in the day. Soon, I would be visiting casinos three, four, days and five nights a week, when the gambling problem was getting worse. Read how Michael Jordan lost $5 million in one night.

I did everything; online poker, in-game betting, sports betting. I get that kind of buzz from winning, no matter how big or small. When I got up, I never walked away victorious. They will come right back to the next bet, looking for more speed. Sarah, my longtime girlfriend, and I had a heated argument about how our money was going through our fingers. Not only was I wasting my own salary, but also from our joint account. We can't afford food, let alone rent and housing. 

The problem is that things get worse, the more I turn to gambling as an escape from reality. I will continue to move forward though, betting big stakes every time to try to get us out of a hole and feel for myself again. It never happened. The highlight was when Sarah told me we were expecting our first child. When Jasmine was born, I had a real wake-up call. I knew very well that, without help, I would gamble away our money. The money we need. 

So I called the Port of Call. They arranged for me to go to the gym. I have regular therapy to help me change my behavior and control my urge to gamble. It is difficult. Not so much sessions, but stops. Good luck in other ways. It was a long process, but I followed my treatment plan and managed to not play at all. My life and my family are very important to me to go back to my old ways. If I could give anyone one piece of advice, it would be to get help now. It's the only way and you won't regret it. Contact the Port of Call on 08000 029 010 to find out more about gambling treatment, including gambling rehabilitation, we offer free 24/7 advice and support to help people stop their addiction. Disclaimer: Some names and descriptions have been changed to protect the identity of study participants.


Compulsive gamblers can always find a way to bet. If bookmakers are closed, online gambling is easy to access. In many ways, this is a problem that can be positively related to your phone addiction. Gambling and drug addiction are serious issues that, if left unchecked, can tear families apart. Fortunately, Pete volunteered to join the Port of Call and was looking forward to his future with his growing family. If you think you might have a gambling problem to share with us and have concerns about your behaviour, please contact us. 

We work with a network of trusted drug treatment centers across the UK, find your nearest clinic here. Make us your port of call and start envisioning a future without gambling and casino addiction.

Online Betting During Covid-19

Online betting, compulsive gambling is on the rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts say the effect can be devastating    Several years ag...